Welcome to Vector Media


After you’ve managed to land on our Vector Media site, you may be wondering what exactly is this site for, if Vector serves as a magazine. We are excited to announce that in addition to Vector’s semesterly publications, we are creating a new platform that continues our mission to provide creative outlets for engineers and innovators in our community. Our hope is that this website serves as a freeform platform that complements our magazine and also provides opportunities that wouldn’t be available in our publications.

Vector Media’s primary goal is to generate content that doesn’t necessarily fit into our magazine, but still deserves to be in the spotlight. This includes projects such as blogs, podcasts, photographs,and videos. The secondary goal is to provide a place to archive all of our previous works. Many people are curious of our previous editions of the magazine and our photographers would love to present their best shots that they have collected throughout the semester.

Our final and most unique goal for Vector Media, is for it to be interactive with the community. With that being said, we will be accepting content from engineers outside of Vector. That means you, yes, you the reader can have your own content posted alongside ours! Also, since there isn’t a strict deadline compared to the publication of our magazine, you can feel free to join our ranks any time of the year for our Vector Media projects. I hope this gives you a good idea of our mission and we hope you continue reading, and possibly, join us with your own content :)