Girl Day

Written by Allie Runas | Photography by Kat Walters

On a cold February morning, almost 8,000 young children visited the engineering school. Perhaps one of the busiest days on campus, Girl Day 2019 went off without a hitch to encourage young women to pursue STEM. Members of Vector had a blast sharing their love for science and creative thinking by making zines with visitors. Zines, a small and creative magazine format, allow the creator to make a pocket-sized, unique creation to share their ideas with others.

“I liked sharing with them how engineering involves a lot of creativity. I think that draws kids attention more than only talking about the math involved,” explained Vector staff, Wendy Montaño. “The zines activity was great for this!”


Making a zine is simple and they can be made for anything. Participants in Girl Day had paper, scissors, glue, pens, and magazines to their disposal to piece together fun layouts. Some chose to make layouts about themselves or their time at Girl Day, while others opted to tell a story.


Layout Director Carlos Villapudua shared his thoughts on Girl Day. "Creativity, making things, and engineering are inseparable. I was glad to see how Vector utilized zine-making to bridge the gap between engineering and using creativity to develop new things. I heard a few attendants say "That was so fun!" so I'm glad they understood that making things IS fun."

Blending creative thinking and engineering is a big part of what helps our Vector staff grow. Sharing the fun with future engineers is important to show young students that they can draw on all of their passions to solve the problems of the future.

Allie Runas